Haven't been driving lately?

If you haven’t been feeling confident enough to drive even though you already have a driving license, you are not alone. We specialize in recurrency training for individuals who have not been driving. Let us help you!

Stressed and worried about driving?

Our driving refresher courses are designed to help you learn to drive and park confidently again, without worry or fear. To build your confidence, we conduct our courses in your own car or the driving centre’s car. Using the student’s car is to ensure that students can handle their own vehicle after the course too.

Experienced instructors

Our instructors have at least 20 years of experience under their belts and are often trained in many different classes of motor vehicle. Our instructors are patient and committed to helping you improve!

We can help you drive again. Without stress, worry or fear.

Our lessons start right at your doorstep, anywhere in Singapore.

Why Choose Us

Lessons are especially suited for individuals who lack confidence in driving

Learn how to handle your own vehicle

We also provide sedan auto vehicles for the refresher lesson

Auto transmission vehicle only

Our instructors are fluent in English and Mandarin

Begin learning right at your doorstep

No registration fee

Competitive rates

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Hesitate no further! Let us help you drive again.

NOTE: Students can use their own vehicles or the driving centre’s car for the refresher lesson

*Students must have a valid driving licence. Lessons will be conducted in Singapore.


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