Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

It is common for students to become accustomed to handling a training centre’s vehicle, while lacking the skills to handle their own vehicle.
This is because vehicles can differ many ways such as vehicle dimensions, engine power, turning radius (just to name a few).
Using the student’s vehicle allows us to ensure that students are proficient in handling their own vehicle rather than a training centre’s vehicle.

Yes we do. There will be an additional charge of $45 per lesson for the rental of the driving centre’s car (auto sedan car)

All duration of lessons will be 100 minutes

Our instructor will begin the lesson where your vehicle is located.

Lessons are only conducted in cars. We do not conduct lessons in vans or lorries.

Yes, lessons can be conducted on public holidays and weekends as long as there are available training slots.

Our instructors have at least 20 years of training experience.

They are also trained in many different classes of motor vehicles.