Driving Refresher Course

We conduct driving refresher courses in Singapore for individuals with valid driving licences. Our instructors will customise the lesson contents for each session, to suit your individual needs.

A brief discussion will be conducted before each lesson on the lesson objectives, as well as to understand if you have any specific concerns or weak areas.

At the end of each lesson, a de-brief will be conducted to update you of your progress, and recommendations will be made to highlight areas for improvement.

Lesson Contents (include):

General driving
Left & right turns
Lane filtering

Driving on the expressway
Lane changing

Vertical and parallel parking
Open air Carpark
Multi-Storey Carpark

Road safety
Recognising road signs and markings
Dealing with hazardous road conditions


Vertical Parking - Diagonal method

Interested to learn vertical and parallel parking with correction, click here for more information.

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